How long does shipping take?

2-7 days from order date.

My insects arrived dead how do I get a refund or replacement?

At Bad Ass Bugs 99% of the live orders we ship arrive alive and but unfortunately do to unexpected weather or postal delays there is a possibility of DOAs Dead on arrival. 

We guarantee live arrival if your region's temperatures are between 50 degrees and 95 degrees and IF you accept your package on the first delivery attempt. Please contact us if you would like your order held for pickup at your local USPS location if temps in your area is cold or hot. Send Photos of DOAs within 24 hrs of delivery for replacement or refund. In this case contact us immediately so we can send a replacement.

 Do you ship in cold and hot weather?

We take proper precautions when shipping in hot or cold weather but it is YOUR responsibility to check your local weather conditions and contact us if your area is experiencing extreme cold or heat to arrange for your shipment to be held at your local post office.

Can Bad Ass Bug Dubia Chow be used on crickets?

Yes! In fact you will find that our dubia chow is a better choice to feed your crickets because of its gut loading properties.


Whats the difference between the Premium Dubia Roach/Cricket chow and Wildberry Dubia roach chow?

All our insect foods are appropriate as a complete diet for the entire insects life.  The difference in the between our Premium Dubia Roach/Cricket chow and our flavored chows is that the flavored chows have additional natural ingredients added to them to enhance flavoring. You may find that your reptile (especially for picky eaters) prefers the taste a bug fed on one flavor chow more than the other.  Its recommended to try different flavors and find out which one your animal prefers and stick with that.